Saturday, 21 March 2009

UP MAN~U!!!!!psyche

I haven't blogged properly in ages(my favorite bad habit). Have quite a few unfinished posts which i still havent come around to. However i'm changing my ways for the i always say this but end up not blogging). This time however, its different. Ask me why o! Well evn if u don't ask, i'll still tell you.. This is because... *clearing throat*

I AM JEALOUS!!!!! yes i said it, im jealous!...

Naija blogger awards caused it o. Cos i was jejely minding my own business, being the passive blogger that i usually am, reading evryone's updates, not bothering to comment or to update my own blog. Before they decided to hand out awards..*long hisssss*. Its not like i'm saying i deserve to be nominated jealous sha!

Therefore, this time next year will be my own time. Now, what award am i aiming for *scratches head**silly grin*.. haha. Well i think best student blogger is what i want(Did i hear someone say i'm jumping i.e mo n be). Ah oti o! *babyish voice*My mummy said that you should always reach for the stars so that if u fall u'll land on the clouds... So, my dear BUMIGHT berra watch your back. I'm coming at u with a big bang...KPOWWWWW!!!lol

But that is by the way though, i'm sure y'all have noticed the title of my post. It suffices that i'm not a man-u fan. Actually, Im an ARSENAL FAN!!! hence, im laffing at man-u's defeat in spanish (how do u evn laugh in spanish).. I'm sure you might be wondering why i'm an arsenal fan. The reason is simple...IT IS MY HUSBAND'S CLUB.

During my hiatus from blogsville, i got married. I'm so sorry i didnt tell y'all. Infact that's the reason why i haven't been blogging like i ought to. I've been attending to my husbands needs *rolling eyes*. Who is this secret husband oh??? should it tell or should i not??? Its Theo Walcott my dear blogsville. Ever wondered why you haven't seen him as much as you ought to?..... Now, you know why.

Feel free to refer to me as Blackrose Walcott.... and if anyone says otherwise, just refer them to me so i can deal with them(awon haters)...

Anyway, back to the main issue.. Watched man-u's match and it just cracked me up especially that last goal...twas tewww mad! Then to crown it up, they foolishly 'acquired' two red cards. Although they tried small, but why should 'little fullham' beat odindi man-u?? Later they wouldn't let us hear word>>going on and on about how they're the best<<<. So here's to u man-utd, Up YOU!!!!

Someone ask me why i'm carrying this on my head like june 12 election? I'm confused myself!

Maybe its because i have nothing better to do. I think it just might be that.

School's on hols now cos we more or less just finished exams. Sincerely, im worried about my result cos some papers were jst tough, and if my CGPA drops just a little bit...its 2'2(2nd class lower) straightttttt>>>>> So im going to say a little prayer.

Dear God,

How are you this evning, I hope all is well up there. It's your humble

servant BlackRose Walcott again! coming before you
on bended knees

once more to ask for you help. You alone are Lord God Almighty and

no one can take your glory. So Baba God, be glorified in my life most

especially in these exams which i just wrote. Ah! BABA!! Some of the

papers were just very though... You were with me all those nights when

I didn't sleep because i had to study. You were also with me in the exam

hall when i struggled to remember some names and u reminded me. You

gave me retentive memory in most of my courses especially that one

where I feared for the worst...Ah! You really suprised me!

So here i am asking for your help most esp. in that last course which i

really studied hard for but couldn't remember alot because i was tired

after writing two papers the previous day(the time-table didn't help matters)

My Father, in those spaces which i left-fill in my cases for me; those rules

i ommitted-write it for me; the most intrinsic details which i ought to have

added but didn't-let them appear as my lecturer is marking my script.

My Lord and my God, i'm already saying thank-you 'cos i know you've

already worked your just wanted me to ask formally for you

said 'Ask and you shall receive'. So my hands are already stretched forth to

receive that which you've given me.


Your very own,


On a much brighter note. I just got asked out>>>by a guy oh, i dunno wot ur thinking<<<. Had a crush on him a while back and i think i mite have even blogged about it in passing. Well, turns out that we had a thing for each other all along. Me..secretly crushing, Him..watching and waiting 4 his Fortunately for him, his time has finally come.

I know i'm supposed to be elated, but for some reason i'm just not. I've heard a lot about him(not good things btw). Regardless, i still like him but i think he's not being totally sincere.
I dunno why guys think they have to say some particular things or act a particular way to get a girl. This might work in your favour some of the time, but sooner or later, its bound to back-fire.

However, i think i'll just watch and see how things go..keeping my fingers crossed.

That's about all for now blogsville! till i come back(hopefully it'd be soon)...
...P.s: Is it just me or does fineboy agbero remind you of mr.fineboy. (i am not saying anything, it's just an observation!!)

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Every disappointment....

Right now, i'm so stressed out, my body aches, my eyes are tired;however i can't sleep. Maybe it was because i drank too many energy drinks..who knows?.  But did i have a choice??i think not! Considering that i was up all night with the sole intention of praising my God...

What started out as a great day turned out to be rather disappointing(the work of the devil). In the sense that after having looked forward to going for the Experience 4 a while, the rain just had to come and shorten my joy. 
Yesterday, i got to TBS at 3:30pm for the concert which was scheduled to start at 7 in order to beat the traffic and get good seats. Trust all my 9ja people, im sure some of them must have gotten there as early as 10 in the morning b'cos the seats we got were so far back from the stage,one couldn't see anything. So we ended up sitting upstairs on the sides.

The show came up to a slow start but things eventually picked up. Muyiwa Olanrewaju came out first followed by Midnight crew. Dekunle Fuji also performed(rather disappointing). Also, Tye Tribbett, Fred Hammond, Marymary among others followed suit.

Everything was going so well, maybe apart from the fact some of them sang songs that we had never heard before. But then the rain started in full force;before this i saw about 3 or 4 plp who had fainted. Estimately 100 people must have fainted when the rain started(im not exaggeratin), some of which had to be rushed to the hospital. It was so heavy!!!!!!!!!!! plus they were enough shades for everybody so some people ended up standing in the rain for more than an hour. After a while, the lights on the stage were dimmed and no one came out anymore which just led to people's restlessness. Some dudes even took it upon themselves to run around the grounds in circles shouting and singing..Personally, i think they were doing it for the attention.

When they eventually came out on stage(all of them together), most of us were already demoralised having waited for so long. Nobody was willingly eager to sing and dance anymore. I was already burnt b'cos time had been far spent and i hadn't gotten to see Don Moen, Kurt Carr and Donnie Mcclurkin who were my reason for going. 

They sang a few worship songs until the sound system started acting up. This added pepper to our already sore It wasn't even funny. I can't say i blame them tho', they probably hadn't envisaged that rain could fall. The artists tried their best to sing regardless but it just started sounding off point. I guess the organisers realised that was their cue to end the show. Before i could say jack, the MC had begun saying the vote of thanks. And with that, we were all on our way back to our respective homes after a longggggg ass night.

I think i've tried for now,i summarised it in the best possible way i eyes are beginning to shut. However i cnt seem to get this one song out of my head so ive decided to sing(well only the chorus) in my best possible voice for y'all,u culd join me as
   *singing*I want to be where You are,
               dwelling in Your presence
               Feasting at Your table,
               surrounded by Your glory
               In Your presence,
               that's where I always want to be
               I just want to be,
               I just want to be with You
Did i say one song??, i meant two.This song absolutely uplifts my spirit everytime..
*singing again*       How great is our God, 
                                   sing with me
                                   How great is our God,
                                   and all will see 
                                   How great, How great
                                   Is our 
                                   Name above all names
                                   You are Worthy of all Praise
                                   and My heart will sing how great,
                                   Is our God (2x)


Monday, 27 October 2008


Kai!!!!!..its been a long while.

Havent blogged properly in ages. I made a draft updating y'all on evrything that's happened during my long hiatus from blogsville including why i stopped blogging but i never posted it; might post it later on.

Blogsville has changed o..Some of my favorite bloggers hv stopped blogging(Fineboy,Bimbylads,36 etc). Its almost like people can't be bothered to blog anymore(i'm also guilty of dt). But thank God for people like Catwalq,ESN,Solomonsydelle,ONB to name a few. I can't say i've been away totally cos i still read other blogs and i even have some new favorites.

That aside, I'm on my 'summer' hols now in jand and its kinda dulling(obviously cos summer was over long ago, but God bless my school and the nigerian system). All my friends o'er here are back in school, so there's no one for me to hang with apart 4rm my sis. It hasn't been that bad cos dis place is hella funny. There's always something to make me laugh- Like today, i was on the train o when two gay dudes came and sat in front of me. That's how one of them was looking at me, tryna read my expression; prolly thnkin to hmself-"why this black gurl dey look me now,let me kuku rub my boyfriends's leg so that she'll be irritated and wud turn away." Na lie o!. Seeing as me i don't send anybody's papa i just kept looking at hm and evn burst out laughin at a point in time. I cudnt help it mehn, seeing as im a naija babe who likes awuff, while wud i turn away 4rm free 'nigerian' homevideo. Im sure plp wud've been wondering if i was okay.

Omo, the yoruba plp here are many-from the security guard to the cashier at the till. No matter where you go, there they are esp the women. With their painted faces and their many shpping bags shouting loudly in yoruba whilst on the phone. Don't get me wrong, i love yrba plp seeing as i'm one of them. The language is also a bloody cruise especially wen we're on public transport beside indian nd white plp who can't hear wot we're sayin. We'll just be insulting them(my sis and i) just for the fun of it. Sometimes we evn talk to them like they can hear us. The other day on the bus, one indian woman was jst starin and then i was like "Madam, ki lode ti o n wo mi, she mo ji garri e nii abi mo ji oko e"(madam, y u lookin at me oh, did i steal your garri or your husband?). when she jst kept starin like she could hear what i was saying, i jst avoided her eyes till i got off the bus. But it was funny tho'. I've started rambling now...

Basically tho', i think i would continue bloggin yet again. Hopefully i don't get lazy or nun of that sort. The nxt time i blog i would've probably be back home. So c y'all soon(i thnk) Much love!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

GO! GO! GO! BLACKROSE!!! Its your birthday

..TOday's not actually my birthday but tomorrow
HoWever i'll be busy getting ready for my exams on MoNday; so yall mite nt hear from me in a while
iT's going 2 b a happy birthday indeed(*rolling eyes*).. pray for me

Thursday, 3 April 2008

LOVERS 'N' FRIENDS?? I guess not

Haven't really updated in a while 'cos i've just been depressd n smwhat lonely: the kind of depression whereby i'm surrounded by people but still feel all alone. But im okay now, my very good friend 'Oremi' came to sleep-over in my dulling hostel nd we jisted the nite away.

Back to the main topic tho, there's this guy friend of mine(lets jst call him MC for short) whos had a thing for me for a year or so. MC nd i belong to the same clique 'sort-of' of which im d only girl nd derz like 4 boys. (i hv quite a number of male friends even more dan female). Mc and i hv been friends since high school bt we neva really talked much until we got into the same class in uni. (Un)fortunately, i changed courses but we still remained friends

However, all the drama started when i found out/ he said, he sorta had a thing for me. Doing what i know how to do best, i shoved it aside and paid him no mind. I kept on lyk he hadn't said anything and then gradually, it died down. We still chilled together n hung out normally. However, after a while he continued sayin it n actin al touchy/clingy....

Then one day, i mistakenly opened my big mouth and told my cousin(who i thought i could trust) that i don't like him and that he was acting all clingy. I also mentioned that i hoped he wouldnt act all clingy at the party(mentioned in the prev. post) which we were all sppsd to go for. At the party however, i noticed that he was 'sort-of' avoiding me, bt i didn't think much of it.

A few days later, i had anoda friend 'O' whose also part of d clique come chill with me for a bit.. O and i go wayyyyy back; there's almost nothing he doesnt tell me. In the course of our discussion, he told me that my cuz had told MC or rather adviced him(in her own words) not to be clingy; which explains why he was behaving funny. Any reasonable person, would've forsee that Mc would automatically assume that what she was saying was a reflection of what i had told her. I'm nt denying the fact that i said anything, but....

Of which while O was telling me this, cousin hppnd to be in d same vicinity(a friend was hvin a lil' barbecue). I was so furious that i had to call her to ask what purpose she sought to achieve by telling MC what i had said. Nyhw sha, with the way she explained herself i felt bad that maybe i had jumped into conclusions and had assumed she said something she hadn't.
However, i now feel differently about the part she had to play in this whole thing, and i still think she had no right to say anything either expressly or impliedly to Mc. All she succeeded in doing was dividing the whole clique into bits and pieces.

Mc's really mad at O for telling me what cousin had told him. The general belief is that what he told O was a guy thing which was meant to be confidential. I however thnk dts BS!. Also, Mc and i are no longer on speaking terms so to say 'cos there's a bit of tension when we're around each other. This could mean the end of Mc and I's friendship but the funny thing is that i couldn't care less. Maybe its 'cos i think he should be a bigger person nd forget about what O told me. Afterall, cousin did the same to me and i've forgotten about it(psyche)...

Thursday, 24 January 2008


This post is an updated backdated post(donno if dat makes any sense). In short, i edited an old post instead of creatin an entirely new one. Nyhw sha, I've been MIA for a bit but i finally decided 2 update by FIRE n by FORCE. Dnt rily know wot 2 blog about so i'll jst ramble..

1) Ok so, im finally back at home(been bk 4 xactly 2 mnths). It was so tirin in jand cos its always d same routine errdai. Had a few highlites tho' bt d best one being d festival of life(loved it so mch). Derz nutin lyk hearin dose phrases 'Deres someone here..' nd 'Somebody shout Halleluyah!!!'(my personal favrite). It also turnd out dt my stayin back in jand 4 a lil' longer wasnt so bad at d end of d day cos i got 2 shop MY ASS OFF!!!

2) I'm stressd out wiv school work n i nid a bleepin break; i hv a lot of readin 2 do of wch i hvnt done half of cos i've been so lazy... so dis weekend's wen im gon try 2 read till i drop

3) Derz dis dude(who i lykd) who's datin one babe in my class bt is always denyin it. Newaiz, i guess tis bcos he wnts 2 eat his cake n hv it. I cnt blive some of d rubbish dt comes out 4rm his mouth or rather his fone. Imagine hm sayin dt he lyks her bt lyks me more n dt i noe it n so does she(his papa!) no wonder d babe is always givin me one kain eye lyk dt.. My father dint send me 2 skul so dt one silly small boy wuld b usin me 2 catch trips (his only 21 by d way).. I noe am young bt am sure i dnt look dt foolish. Movin on sha......

4) This val's day was one of d worst cos it was so DRY ('sahara desert' lyk my lil' bro would say).. no chocs, no cakes, nuthin man. Only lyk 2 plp in my hostel got valed; bt i managed 2 eat small cake n choclat..wch leads me 2 no5

5) I finally moved into my hostel off campus, n its a bore sometimes. Derz nufn rily 2 do( i nid a t.v, my ps2, n den am gud 2 go) wch is a contrast 2 all dem oda hostels outside skool bt i try 2 make d best of it. Wch reminds me, derz sumthn dt has been itchin/scratchin me 2 say bout one of us bloggers bt only tym will reveal sha..WATCH OUT!!(dnt mind me jo, been watchin 2 many nigerian movies)

6) I developed a sudden crush on a guy i met at a party very recently.. hp i shke it off soon cos i noe his girlfriend, scrap dat actually his 'girlfriends'.. He's one of all dose player types, nt dnt wnt 2 b tangled in any silly web (will kip u posted sha).. hp i dnt become lyk sm plp who develop crushes evry 5 mins(am nt tlkin 2 u 0!!).

7) There's dis babe who's 'kinda' lyk a friend of mine whos datin a very gud friend; i noe am nt inspector gagdet bt iv decided 2 carry out an investigation on her. Herd 2day dat she 'mite' b a lesbian, so ive decided 2 carry out a mission 2 discover whether or not it's true. I dnt noe wots with me n lesbians of late(there seems 2 b so many of dem). Nyhw, if indeed she is, den i dnt noe weda or nt am gn tell her boyfriend(advice any1??).. will c wot happens

And that's basically a summary of wot has been happenin dis past few mnths, will update soon i promise. BLOGSVILLE, YOUR GIRL'S BACK!!!

Sunday, 23 December 2007


I'm so bummed out rite nw.. Words simply cant describe hw mch. Been on holiday in d UK for 'bout a month or so n was sppsd 2 b goin back home 2day bt d plans hv chngd; whch means im stuck in ths place 4 chrstmas n prolly new year as well...

I'm goin crazy here o!! ahnahn; I miss my house, my bed, my room, my friends, errythn man..While my peeps r busy gettin dolled up 4 chrstmas, am gon b here freezin my ass off..

Dis means no owanbes dis chrstmas, no sounds of banger, no biscos(i thnk dts wot de're called sha), no 9ja type fireworks, no hustle n bustle of Lagos n all d chrstmas sightings..psstttttchew! Im so pissed..

Nevertheless, am gon make d best of it nd maybe... *singin* 'ths chrstmas will beeeeee a very special chrstmas 4 meeeeee'. I'll keep y'all posted.

Lest i forget, HAPPY HOLIDAYS ERRYONE!!!! SEE U NXT YR...pizz out!